Monday, November 8, 2010

Lil Wayne back on stage in Vegas!

Fresh out of prision and after his welcome home party in Miami,
Lil Wayne had a surprise visit in Las Vegas to sing "Miss Me" with Drake on his "Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour"

Also, according to the terms of Lil Wayne's probation he is not allowed to consume any alcohol for the next three years! What fun is Sin City without the sin? We'll just ignore the brandy snifter next to him in this picture DJ Scoob Doo posted on his twitter of Wayne in the studio. I'm sure it's a fancy glass of ice tea!

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Michael Jackson "Breaking News" -- Is it really Michael???

New Michael Jackson song is out there.  He has an album of new music on the way.  Question is: is it really Michael???  When Michael Jackson's parents and 2 of his kids heard it they all agreed "THAT'S NOT MICHAEL!" But since they've changed their tune and greenlighted the release as genuine Michael Jackson.  What do YOU think???  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO "HIS" NEW SONG NOW.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kim Kardashian's first song...

Kim Kardashian is currently in the studio working on her first record. The first song from the album, "Shake" just got leaked onto the Internet.

Leave your comments on the song below...