Monday, March 14, 2011


This rock is filled with luckiness. Everybody who has touched it has seen amazing results. Now I offer it to you. Rub the computer screen and report back to me when lucky things happen for you too as a result.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chloe, the DJ

My 1 year-old Chloe already thinks she's a DJ. I better start brainwashing her to become a doctor stat.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What does your butt say about your personality???

A Russian study says the shape of your butt can reveal your personality.

Men with Muscle Butts are: strong, persistent and enduring in bed.

Women with Round Butts are:
sexually active, materialistic and unkind.

Those With Wrinkly Butts are:
reliable, steady and calm, whereas asymmetrical wrinkles expose selfish and greedy people.

Those Who Have Saddlebag Butts are:
faithful in love and marriage. Men and women with such buttocks are hopelessly mediocre individuals.

Women with Saggy Butts are:
good wives and careful mothers.

People With Uneven Butts:
those whose left buttock is larger than the right one, have to contract marriage as early as possible - it is terribly unhealthy for them to stay single. On the other hand, the people, whose right buttock is larger than the left one, will have to face a lot of serious problems in their lives (career problems for men and child birth problems for women).

Those With Hairy Butts are:
very kind and agreeable people, although they also expose their genetic predisposition to illnesses of pelvic organs, first and foremost. One should also bear in mind the fact that parents, who have hairy buttocks, give birth to psychologically unbalanced, short-tempered children. The combination of red hair on the head and black hair on the buttocks may occur for talented and highly emotional people. Grey bottom hair is a vestige of premature impotence for men, whereas red hair reveals their depraved nature.

Those with Birthmarks on their Butt are:
courageous and passionate people.

OK... agree with the Russian study?  Or disagree??  Did your butt match your personality?