Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Jackson: From "Wife Of Sleaze"

Dear Jackson.

I've been with my husband for a year and a half. We've been married
for 6 months. He's always had a lot of money but what he does for a
living has been kind of blurry to me. I'm a professional woman so I'm
out of the house during the day. Last week I came down with some sort
of bug at work and came home early. I was not prepared for what I
came home to. A full film crew in my house! We're talking around 20
people total. My husband has been making adult movies in our house.
He's not IN the movies. He's a producer/director so it's not THAT bad
but I had no idea this had been going on in our house!!! I feel
cheated on! I thought my husband worked making commercials... not
this filth... and definitely not in our house!!! What should I do???
Any advice please???

Wife of Sleaze

Leave your advice as a comment below -- and yes, you can remain anonymous!!!

The Apple iPad (Tablet) is here! First look.

Apple announced the iPad Tablet computer just a few minutes ago and gave us a first look. I'm a gadget geek and Appleholic so I'm a very happy nerd right now.

Hopefully it doesn't suck.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gary Coleman Arrested... and Scaaaaarrrryyyyyy

Gary Coleman (from Diff'rent Strokes back in the day) was arrested just the other day for something. However -- I forgot what it was for as soon as I saw his Creepy McCreeperstein mug shot! Do not look into Evil Yoda's creepy eyes. He will possess you. He's a creeper.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I was gonna wear that same thing today!!!

Amber Rose raided my closet before jetting off to Paris with Kanye West... obviously!!!

She was leaving a fashion show wearing that little number. I've talked to a lot of guys who think she's terribly hot. But to me? No thank you.

Maybe I shouldn't make jokes about wearing female clothes when this is my Facebook default right now:

I dress girlier than Amber Rose.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Jackson: Violated Vicky

Dear Jackson:

I have an awkward situation that I don't know how to deal with. My
husband's adult family member is staying with us for a while, and a
couple of months ago I realized she was using my bath towel. Like, not
one of my clean towels in the linen closet - MY towel. My husband made
a comment to her about how the towels hanging in the bathroom are the
ones we use for a couple of days, but she continued to use mine (or my
husbands) so I started hanging my towel in my bedroom to solve the
problem. I have been doing this for a while, and things have been
okay, until I just realized that she also uses my toothbrush, my
razor, and my loofah!!! I am completely disgusted by this, but don't
know what to do about it because how do you tell an adult not to use
your personal belongings?! Shouldn't this be understood??

Violated Vicky

Ummm... ewww!!! Towel - gross... but toothbrush - vomit city.
Leave your comments and ADVICE for Vicky here. You can stay annonymous if you like.
My advice would be... buy a new toothbrush!!! Blah!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is that REALLY Heidi Montag???

She had 10 plastic surgeries... in one day!!!
And here are the results:

Is it just me, or is it just freaky how different she looks now??? She looks more like Faith Hill than Heidi Montag now!!!
Spencer Pratt must be psyched to be dating a piece of silicone in the form of a human!
I can't look anymore.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jessica Simpson got a boob job???

Here's that pic of Jessica Simpson I was talking about on the air that has people screaming "BOOB JOB!"

TMZ said "former singer … looked really stuffed” as she left dinner (when this was taken).

X17 said it looked like Jessica “gained a few pounds (all in her boobs).”

And I said "Daaaaammmmmnnnnnnn!"

So what do you think? Did she have them augmented?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Jackson: Restless

Dear Jackson.

I've been seeing a guy for six months. It's frustrating because I
initiate our get-togethers, and he returns my calls but rarely calls
me, and we've only been intimate a few times. He went away for five
weeks, and because I missed him, I asked if he'd e-mail a photo, which
he did. Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I printed the
photo, framed it, and placed it on my nightstand. Two weeks after he
got back, he came over and noticed the photo. I said something like
"I missed you so much" and I asked him if I could have a snippet of
his hair to tape to the picture in the frame so I'd always have a
piece of him with me. He seemed really put off by this but hesitantly
gave me a lock. Since then he's been a little distant with me. Was
it that strange of a request??? I think he should be flattered and
thankful that I care for him so deeply. Any advice or opinions?>>


LEAVE YOUR ADVICE -- you don't need to register and can stay anonymous!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Jackson: Awkwardly In Love

Dear Jackson,

I have a crush on my neighbor of two years. I don't rush into dating
-- I like to get to know a girl so I see we'll be a good fit.
Typically, I end up making more friends than girlfriends. I now see
this girl is definitely everything I'm looking for. Unfortunately, she
now has a boyfriend. I don't want to break anyone up, but I'd still
really like to say something. Should I??? I need advice!!! Thanks.


Monday, January 4, 2010

J-Lo, Uh Oh, Oh Noooo!!!!

Here's J-Lo's super-fabulous get-up for New Years Eve. No, no, and no. At a certain age, less is not more. She's in great shape but, no.