Monday, December 22, 2008

Robert Pattenson's New Do

He shaved off his locks! Now it's a crew cut! Brrr.... his scalp'll be cold this time of year. Anyway... VOTE! Upgrade or Downgrade???

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Anonymous said...


Emma said...

OMFG! what is wrong with him!! AHH he looks sorta like justin timberlake now! and trust me he is very ugly in my opinion! ahh im so mad now why in the hell did he do that!! i hate it!
sorry for my attitude but WHY he looked just fine b4 now he looks weird!
definitly down grade!

Anonymous said...

i like it. his hair style before was nice but it was edward cullens look, now it is his look and draws a line between the real him and a character he plays. i don't think he wants to go around the rest of his life being called edward. (it also helps his scruffy look, it didn't work as well with his last hairstyle)
i'd say upgrade