Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Jackson from Creeped-Out Carl

Dear Jackson...

I have had a crush on my co-worker for a loooong time. We're talking
over a year. Finally I got the guts to ask her out and to my surprise
she said yes! We went out to dinner and things were going great. The
conversation was flowing... and so was the wine. My date ended up
getting so drunk that she made out with our waiter and passed out at
the table. This wasn't just a small smooch. They were making out for
like 10 minutes right in front of me. I talked to her the next day
and she said she had a great time and wanted to make plans for another
date this weekend. I've always had a huge crush on her but she hooked
up with some other guy on our first date. What should I do???

Creeped-Out Carl

This is last week's letter. We'll hear the responses you called in on Wednesday. But leave YOUR comments now for Carl. He'll be coming to the site for your advice too. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think she probably just forgot that she made out with the waiter because she was so drunk, she probably just remember what a good time she had with you.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't help the guy's situation. If they develope a relationship and she goes out to a party with her friends without him, she gets drunk, odds are she's gonna make out with someone! i'm hoping the neighbors wife cause i wanna make out with my neighbors wives! all of em!