Friday, July 16, 2010

Lady Gaga's new house could be a neighborhood

Lady Gaga has made a LOT of money.  A huge album followed by a deluxe version of the huge album, soon to be followed (in August) by a remix album containing songs from said huge album.  Outside of that, a tour that ssems infinant.  Cha-ching! 

All leading to this.  Here's Lady Gaga's new house.  A quaint little shack in Bel Aire, California.  She's renting, not buying... and the the rent is $25,000 a month.  I just got chest pains typing that.  Good lord that's a lot of money, especially for someone who's home maybe a couple days a month!  It'll probably be a good 10-12 years before she sees all of her house.