Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Kevin Bacon Bacon Bust

Yum... How would you like a delicious sculpture of the hero of Footloose and the man who can be traced to any other human in 6 simple steps??  What if I told you that this delectable work of art was constructed of tasty salty pig???  I know.  Amazing.

Someone actually made a bust of Kevin Bacon.... out of bacon!!!

And it could be yours!  The person put the bacon bust on ebay so vote to your heart's content.  I think it looks a bit more like Conan O'Brien than Kevin Bacon... but hey... if you tire of looking at it just start eating club sandwiches daily for a few years and it'll be gone!

Here's a pic of the Kevin Bacon bacon bust (click the pic to go to the actual ebay auction):

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