Thursday, September 9, 2010

Should they start calling it Twieber?

According to an article from Mashable an employee at twitter said: "At any moment Justin Bieber uses 3% of our infrastructure. Racks aof servers are dedicated to him." I wonder how much of that was about the Maryland State Fair over the weekend? Anyway...

Can you believe that so many people  are tweeting and retweeting Justin Bieber? Not only do his fans tear down gates and fences to get near him they're tearing apart Twitter as well! This is why I don't follow Justin Bieber on twitter because, well everyone retweets what he says anyway.

The unnamed Tweet engineer also told Mashable in a secret cone-of-silence interview: “Every time Bieber tweets, his messages have to be delivered to more than five million people who then endlessly retweet it. Apparently, his account receives more than 60 @-replies per second for a while after he tweets, which is something Twitter wasn’t originally designed to handle.”

I couldn't imagine having that kind of a dedicated following, but I'm willing to try. Don't forget to follow me on

Look see I even made it real easy for you, just click here!


But whatever you do, for the love of God 

Read the rest of the Mashable article here:

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little miss sunshine said...

Hes so annoying but i love hate him fuking ugly beautiful wierdo just Love him. UCk gawd.MmMm